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2023/09/17 @ Sanctuary (Hamtramck, MI) w/ Dogz Of War, Love Loss, High Totals, Saboteur, Grand Snake, Dead Wrong, Ever Ghost, Punch Out, Fiend Le Champ, Lava

2023/07/28 @ Party At The Ponds (Jeddo, MI) w/ Weed Coughin, I are citizen, Dick Hickey, The Failures

2023/05/20 @ The Red Papaya (Guelph, ON) w/ Kings & Queens, Mid Wife Crisis, Bilious 

2023/05/19 @ Chelsea Underground (Windsor) w/ Violent Way, Brian Itch, Behavioural Issues

2023/05/13 @ The Golden Bull (Oakland, CA) w/ Oil!, Brigata Vendetta, Skinny Pete & The Meats

2023/05/12 @ Supply & Demand (Long Beach, CA) w/ The Malchicks, 21 Gun Salute, Still Pist

2023/05/11 @ The Rabbit Hole (San Diego, CA) w/ Project Sellout, Third Estate, Spray Allen

2023/03/05 @ Meteor (Windsor) Sharp As a Knife Video shoot & full set

2023/02/25 @ Turbo Haus (Montreal, QC) w/ Liberty & Justice, Ultra Razzia, Ad Vitam

2023/02/24 @ Hard Luck (Toronto, ON) w/ The Slime (TO), Liberty & Justice, Street Code

2023/02/23 @ Meteor (Windsor, ON) w/ Liberty & Justice, Behavioural Issues


2022/11/19 @ Meteor (Windsor, ON) w/ The Slime (TO), Lee Resistant & The Lost, Avoid The Comment Section

2022/10/02 @ Wild At Heart (Berlin, DE) w/ Degenerate Idol
2022/10/01 @ Monkey's Music Club (Hamburg, DE) w/ Gimp Fist, Brutal Bravo, Bull Brigade, Complete Loss
2022/09/30 @ SV Arminia (Hannover, DE) w/ Complete Loss
2022/09/29 @ Sudrock (Essen, DE) w/ Complete Loss
2022/09/28 @ Feierwork (Munchen, DE) w/ Tear Them Down, Soifersonne
2022/09/27 @ Punk Rockkeller (Hof, DE)
2022/09/26 @ 007 Strahov (Prague, CZ) w/ Kung Fu Girlz
2022/09/25 @ Chemiefabrik (Dresden, DE) w/ Carry No Banners
2022/09/24 @ Last Chance To Dance (Dulmen, DE)
2022/09/23 @ Mukkes (Leeuwarden, NL) w/ Oskoed Slotters, Oi58, Sun-O-Bathers
2022/09/16 @ Dominion House (Windsor) w/ Girl Fight, Scars Of Our Youth, Behavioural Issues
2022/09/04 @ Bovine Sex Club (TO) w/ Violent Way, Force Majeure, The Enforcers, Clobber
2022/07/09 @ Helter Shelter (Des Moines, IA) OGG Fest 2022 w/ The Uncouth, Squared Off, Virgin Whores, No Coast Criminals, The Fastplants, Cordial Spew, Battle Royale, Quade, Joint Pain, Dig Up A Hatchet
2022/07/08 @ Cactus Club (Milwaukee, WI) w/  The Primitivs (Milwaukee), The Fastplants (Chicago), Squared Off (Chicago), 



2021/11/28 @ Handlebar (TO) w/ Maldita, Sago, Dioxide
2021/11/27 @ The Traxide (Montreal) w/ La Gachette (Montreal), Maldita (TO), Shards (Montreal)
2021/11/26 @ People Under the Staircase (Hamilton) W/ Armed & Hammered (TO), Maldita (TO)
2021/11/07 @ Dominion House w/ Beton Arme (montreal), AD Vitam (montreal), Washtub Whiskey


2020/04/01 - 11 "Europe To No Good" Tour - Postponed due to COVID-19

2020/02/01 @ Starlight Social Club (Waterloo) w/ Union Thugs, Backbreaker, Shit Rat




2019/10/10 @ This Ain't Hollywood (Hamilton) w/ Urban Vietcong (Italy), Barbed Wire Braces, Bring the War Home

2019/09/28 @ Liquid Library (Funnel Fest) w/ J. Navarro & The Traitors, Butchers, Artificial Dissemination, Psychic Void

2019/09/01 @ Cobra Lounge (Chicago, IL) w/ Monte Nesbit & The Bishops, Antagonizers ATL, Concrete Elite, Assault & Battery, Smart Boyz, Banged Up, Unstable Youth, Splatter Pattern

2019/08/31 @ The Burgundy Room (Waukegan, IL) w/ Shots Fired Shots Fired, Tongan Death Grip

2019/06/29 @ Smalls (Hamtramck) Boss BBQ 2 w/ The Crombies, Superdot, Nahuales Underground, The Tellways, Keep Away, Solid 8's

2019/06/16 @ Bovine Sex Club (Toronto, ON) w/ Grade 2, Armed & Hammered, The Filthy Radicals

2019/05/04 @ The Palomino (Calgary, AB) w/ Harrington Saints, Pagans of Northlumberland, Street Light Saints

2019/05/03 @ The Aviary (Edmonton, AB) w/ Harrington Saints, Streetlight Saints, Vector 23

2019/04/20 @ Elephants Nest (Chatham) w/ Hundred Proof, Barbed Wire Braces, Mark My Word

2019/03/24 @ This Ain't Hollywood (Hamilton)  Spring Offensive w/ The Fallout, Union Thugs, Lee Reed, Bring The Way Home
2019/03/04 @ GBCB (Green Bean Cafe, Windsor) w/ Nefidovs, Indiana Drones




2018/11/23 @ Velvet Underground (Toronto) w/ Oi Polloi, The Press, The Prowlers, Dirty Bird, Ship Of Fools, Maldita, Stand Againts Fear, Sago

2018/11/16 @ Windsor Beer Exchange (Windsor) w/ Nefidovs, Border Patrol, Of the pack, Ron Leary, Leighton Bain, Trenchlung, Bobby Sproat, Marshall C  (2nd to last show at The Beer Exchange!)

2018/10/21 @ This Ain't Hollywood (Hamilton) w/ Anvil Strike, Barbed Wire Braces, Bring the War Home

2018/10/11 @ Hard Luck (Toronto) w/ Swinging Utters, Gallows Bound

2018/10/06 @ N Joy (Vreden, DE) w/ Migam

2018/10/05 @ Mad Music Club (Hamelin, DE)

2018/10/04 @ Wild At Heard (Berlin, DE)

2018/10/03 @ Chemifabrik (Dresden, DE) w/ East End Chaos

2018/10/02 @ Don't Panic (Essen, DE) w/ Criminal Mind (UK), Ubelzt (Germany)

2018/10/01 @ Nordstradtbraut (Hannover, DE)

2018/09/30 @ Punkrock Partykeller (Hof, DE)

2018/09/29 @ Lola (Gronigen, NL)

2018/09/22 @ Dominion House (Windsor) w/ Artificial Dissemination (Hamilton), Devilz By Definition

2018/09/02 @ Windsor Beer Exchange (Windsor) w/ The Brass, Scars Of Our Youth

2018/09/01 @ Hard Luck (Toronto) w/ The Brass, Dirty Work

2018/08/10 @ The Windsor Beer Exchange (Windsor) w/ Aggro Or Die, Disco Assault, Scars Of Our Youth

2018/07/21 @ Dominion House (Windsor) Coach & Horses Reunion w/ 50 Watt Head, Devlz By Definition, Gypsy Chief Goliath

2018/07/20 @ Coalition T.O. (Toronto) w/ Smartboyz, Anvil Strike, Hundred Proof

2018/07/07 @ Ceremony (Brooklyn, NY) w/ 45 Adapters, The Press, Royal Hounds, Dusters

2018/07/06 @ Connie Ric Rack (Philadelphia, PA) w/ The Press, Thunder & Glory, Royal Hounds, The Stance

2018/06/16 @ Kellys Bar (Hamtramck, MI) Boss BBQ w/ J. Navarro & Traitors, Danny Rebel, Nahuales Underground, Still Alive, Dirty Notion, Gruesome Twosome, The Dekkers

2018/05/04 @ Windsor Beer Exchange (Windsor) w/ Red Arms, D.Y.E.R.

2018/04/21 @ Hard Luck (Toronto) w/ Booze & Glory, Antagonizers ATL, Armed & Hammered, Downbelows, Hex

2018/03/18 @ Casbah (Hamilton) w/ Street Light Saints, Barbed Wire Braces, System System, Tough Fucking Shit

2018/03/16 @ Katacombes (Montreal) Montreal Oi Fest w/ The Last Resort, Street Troopers, Street Light Saints, Thunder & Glory

2018/03/15 @ Coalition T.O. (Toronto) w/ Street Light Saints, Kings Cans, Bare Bones

2018/03/10 @ Windsor Beer Exchange (Windsor) w/ The Brass, Disco Assault




2017/10/20 @ Windsor Beer Exchange (Windsor) w/ 22 Longs Riffs (FR), Scars Of Our Youth

2017/10/10 @ Windsor Beer Exchange (Windsor) w/ D.O.A.

2017/09/09 @ Windsor Beer Exchange (Windsor) w/ Disco Assault, Barbed Wire Braces, Anvil Strike

2017/09/08 @ Doors Pub (Hamilton) w/ Barbed Wire Braces, Anvil Strike, Tough Fucking Shit

2017/07/01 @ Dominion House (Windsor) w/ Uncle Ray, Greber, Runoff

2017/06/03 @ Coalition T.O. (Toronto) w/ Harrington Saints, Shotcallers, Dirty Work

2017/06/02 @ Windsor Beer Exchange (Windsor) w/ Dirty Work, Down Right Dirty, Bare Minimum

2017/05/06 @ Stop Drop N Roll (TO) w/ Wretched Fools, Anvil Strike, Sawzall, Hexe

2017/05/05 @ Dominion Tavern (Ottawa) w/ Alcohol Fueled, Ape City, Ataxia

2017/05/04 @ Katacombes (Montreal) w/ La Gachette, Action Sedition

2017/04/06 @ Windsor Beer Exchange (Windsor) w/ The Cryptics, Rowley Estate





2016/10/16 @ Windsor Beer Exchange (Windsor) w/ Paul The Tailor, Attention

2016/09/16 @ The Dominion House (Windsor) w/ Dirty Work




2015/09/26 @ Coach & Horses (Windsor) Funnel Fest w/ Devilz By Definition, Line Drawn
2015/09/15 @  Windsor Beer Exchange (Windsor) w/ Ramshakle Army (Australia), The Nefidovs



2014/10/17 @ Coach & Horses (Windsor)


2013/10/05 @ APK  (London, ON)
2013/09/13 @ FM Lounge (Windsor)



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